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Terms of integrated retail banking in JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB" 20.06.2017. (pdf file in Ukrainian, 1.06 Mb)

Terms of payment of JSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" fees for using credit card (CASHBACK) JSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" (pdf file in Ukrainian, 274 Kb)

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Current account

Piraeus Bank offers the most advantageous conditions of current account. With its help you can quickly and easily make transfers inside Ukraine and abroad, make electronic payments and also replenish and withdraw cash at any time.


  • Possibility to receive information on the state of Your account with a card or connected to a card by means of information line of Piraeus Bank, SMS-informing service and Email informing (monthly statement on Your account with a card or connected to a card).


Necessary documents:

For residents:

  • the passport, or the document which replaces it;
  • the inquiry on assignment of identification number of the payer of taxes.

For non-residents:

  • the passport document;
  • à document confirming the location of non-residents on the territory of Ukraine.


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Security Advices for Cardholders

Dear Client, the fulfillment of the Security Advices for Cardholders will help you to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions using a payment card at an ATM as well as the risk while payments for goods and services in merchants or Internet.

Places where you can open current account:

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