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Deposits in Piraeus Bank in Ukraine are rated as the most reliable deposits (with grade «5») by «Credit-Rating» independent credit agency.

 Piraeus Bank in Ukraine proposes:  

«STANDARD» deposit with payment of interests every month or at the end of the fixed term, tenor from 1 month  to 367 days

«STANDARD with replenishment» deposit with payment of interests every month or at the end of the fixed term, tenor from 3 to 12 months in hryvna, US dollars and euro

Deposit «TAKE IT HIGHER» with the rate that grows monthly, and opportunity of early withdrawal without losing of accrued interest

Account «MOMENTARY» current account with a higher interests on a constant balance and attractive interests on the changeable balance

Piraeus Bank is the constant participant of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Please, get acquainted with the with the advantages of deposit placement and loyalty program in Piraeus Bank.

To choose a deposit, please, try the Deposit calculator 

How to use service:

     1.  Choose the deposit that suits you the most;
     2.  Calculate your possible income by means of the deposit calculator;
     3. Visit the nearest branch of Piraeus Bank;
     5.  For deposit opening please, take the following documents:
  • For residents:
    • the passport, or the document which replaces it;
    • the inquiry on assignment of identification number of the payer of taxes.
  • For non-residents:
    • the passport document;
    • the document which confirms an origin of funds;
    • à document confirming the location of non-residents on the territory of Ukraine.
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Did you know...
Piraeus Bank was founded in 1916
Our achievements
Piraeus Bank ranks 14th out of 33 in 3rd Group of NBU Classifier in terms of assets
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