Dear clients, for lending of private individuals Piraeus Bank uses a floating interest rate which is set up by the Bank and calculated as FAIR + Fixing percentage.

Fixing percentage is set by ALCO Committee of the Bank and remains unchanged for the all period of loan agreement.

FR – Floating Annual Interest Rate
This is the interest basic rate for standard deposits for individuals in the same currency as the loan with the term – 6 months with interest rate payment at the end of deposit’s term.

For today FAIR rate is 14% per annum

Information about the FAIR rate placed on the Bank’s website and informational stands in the outlets.

Setting and changing of interest rate is fixed in the loan agreement, concluded between the Borrower and JSC “PIRAEUS BANK ICB".

Floating Annual Interest Rate is subject to adjustment during the term of the loan after each course of each 6 (six) months  from the date of loan issuing.