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Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises

Loans to Small and Medium Business are traditionally the priority orientation for Piraeus Bank Group. Almost half of Group’s total loan portfolio falls on loans to this segment (private-entrepreneurs and legal entities with annual sales up to UAH 250 mln).

Loans for business development from Piraeus Bank in Ukraine with attractive interest rates and preferential requirements to collateral are the unique technologies of the most effective needs satisfaction for the representatives of small and medium business.

Piraeus Bank proposes the following loans to Small and Medium Business:

Financial support for Agribusiness:

  • Loan for financing of working capital of agricultural enterprises for SME clients
  • Loan for purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment for SME clients

Advantages of choosing of Piraeus Bank:

  • individual approach to every customer;
  • seasonal loan repayment schedule;
  • General agreements signing for a 3 year period (cost minimization of the pledge registration );
  • without penalties for loans prepayment;
  • without costs for property evaluation which will be hold for Bank’s account;
  • financing of the previous investment costs in agribusiness.

Detailed terms

Overdraft "Beneficial interests"

  • The interest rate for the overdraft depends on the continuous term of use of the overdraft or is fixed for loan agreement term by Client's decision
  • No need to repay overdraft outstanding amount during loan agreement term
  • Overdraft opening for entirely goods in turnover accepted as collateral
  • All receipts on the current account will automatically reduce credit debt
Loan terms
Minimum tenor of business existence
24 months from the date of state registration
Overdraft Currency
Overdraft Tenor
up to 12 months
Overdraft obligations repayment
at the end of loan agreement term
Overdraft amount
up to 75% of average monthly net inflows on current account
Upfront fee for Overdraft provision
min 1% of overdraft amount
Interest rate
fixed, differentiated
Minimum oferdraft amount 1 000 000 UAH

Overdraft: Detailed terms

 Revolving Credit Line 
  • Convenient form of financing – a revolving credit line
  • Tenor of credit line – up to 12 monthes
  • As a collateral we accept real estate and movable property
  • Credit Line may be received secured with the third party/company property
  • You can get credit line in the amount up to 80% of collateral value
  • We take preliminary decision about financing during only 2 days
Credit Line terms
Minimum tenor of existing business
24 months from the date of state registration
Credit Line Currency
Hryvna, US dollar, Euro
Credit Line Tenor
12 monthes 
Interest rate
fixed, floating

Credit Line: Detailed terms

Cash Collateral Loan  

  • You can get convenient form of financing - a revolving credit line or term loan
  • You can quickly get up to 97% of deposit amount
  • Minimal document package for preliminary decision making  
  • The deposit of private individual can be accepted as pledge in case of the loan of legal entity or private entrepreneur
Cash Collateral Loan  Terms
Tenor of the loan
up to 12 months
Currency of deposit
Currency of the loan
Amount of the loan
up to 97% of Deposit amount
Margin of the bank
Up-front fee
1% of the loan amount

  Loan interest rate:  

Loan interest rate = deposit interest rate + margin

Loan: Detailed terms 

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Our achievements
According to business weekly newspaper “Business”, in 2016 Piraeus Bank entered the TOP-3 banks in nomination “New format” after two of the largest Ukrainian banks; TOP-10 in nomination “The best product for agribusiness”; TOP-10 “The best loan product”
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