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Tariff package «Basic»

Piraeus Bank offers to evaluate the possibility of cooperation and favorable conditions of service for clients – private entrepreneurs and legal entities with small volumes of business.

The advantages of the tariff package "Basic":

«Basic» tariff package terms and conditions for main transactions for legal entities and private entrepreneurs:

Account maintenance in hryvna * (monthly)
UAH 100
Account maintenance in other currency * (monthly)
Maintenance fee for performing transactions with Piraeus Online Banking system
Cost of electronic outgoing payments in the national currency (up to 10 payments)
Cost of outgoing payments in the national currency on paper carrier
UAH 10
Cash withdrawal (in hryvna)**
1,0% (min 10,00)
Cash deposit (in hryvna)

Detailed information about «Basic» tariff package maintenance:

 Maintenance conditions of «Basic» tariff package (pdf, 326 Kb)

 Comments and notes to "Basic" tariff package (pdf, 298 Kb)

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