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Cash collateral loan

Thanks to «Ñash collateral loan for small and medium enterprises” you have an opportunity to obtain money operatively for your Business working capital needs financing under pledge of term deposit, placed in Piraeus Bank ICB without terminating the deposit agreement.

Cash collateral loan advantages: 

  • you can get convenient form of financing - revolving credit line or term loan
  • you can quickly get up to 97% of deposit amount
  • you need minimal document package
  • the deposit of private individual can be accepted as pledge in case of the loan of legal entity or private entrepreneur

Loan terms:

Tenor of the loan
up to 12 months
Currency of deposit
Currency of the loan
Amount of the loan
up to 97% of deposit amount
Margin of the bank
Up-front fee
1% of the loan amount

Interest rate:

Interest rate under loan = interest rate under deposit + margin

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Please address the Bank branches to execute loan and receive the additional information

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