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Availing of bills

Bill avalization is an undertaking by the guaranteeing bank in addition to the payer’s obligations, i.e. it is an undertaking to pay a bill of exchange in full or in part instead of one of the parties obliged under the bill in case the payer fails to honour the bill as per terms stated in the bill.

Settlements by bills avalizing is simple in view of docflow and provide the payer with possibility to receive a commodity credit without withdrawing funds from its turnover.

Special issues of exchange bills in Ukraine:

  • according to the bill legislation in Ukraine, bills can be issued only for goods delivered (operations, services);
  • in Ukraine bills are filled up only in Ukrainian;
  • payments under bills in Ukraine are provided only in non-cash form;
  • bills are issued only on a special formsheet, which can be purchased in bank office. Samples of promissory note and bill of exchange formsheets.

JSC “PIRAEUS BANK ICB”offer services of bill avalization for enterprises, which operate in the agricultural sector on the following terms:

  • Avalization subject: a money debt issued in the form of a bill for the de facto delivered goods, namely: fertilizers, plants protections agents, plunting materials;
  • Types of notes: promissory note and bill of exchange formsheets;
  • Currency of bill availed by JSC “PIRAEUS BANK ICB”: UAH;
  • Amount of avail: amount of availization for each bill of exchange can be less or be equal to the debt under the bill and should not exceed the amount of set availing limits;
  • Collateral: deposit, real estate, agricultural equipment, transport, equipment and other liquidity property.
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