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Compliance and anti-money laundering

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine follows the policy directed to prevent the usage of the Bank with aim of money laundering and terrorism financing. The aim of the policy is the protection of the prestige and reputation of Piraeus Bank.

Please, get acquainted with the documents related to prevention of money laundering:

The USA Patriot Act Certificate (pdf, 227 Kb)

 Wolfsberg Group Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (signed with an e-signature) (CBDDQ)_V.1.3 April, 2022 (899 Kb )

 Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire (signed with an e-signature) (FCCQ)_V1.1 April, 2022 (pdf, 447 Kb)

AML policy of JSC PIRAEUS BANK ICB (pdf-file, 550 kb)

AML/CFT Legislation

The growing significance of the factor of mutual confidence between banks and their customers as the main factor for successful development of the banking institutions necessitates the implementation of special rules of conduct of the employees of the Bank in their relations with customers, including part of the moral and ethical standards of conduct, preventing conflicts of interests in relations with the customers and the Bank, use of insider, bank secrecy and other confidential information, performance of personal transactions by employees with financial instruments and so on. With the aim to prevent non-ethical actions Piraeus Bank has created Code of Conduct and Ethics of the Bank’s employees

Please, get acquainted with the Code (in Ukrainian):


"Our Corporate Values"

"The Corporate Values lie at the core of the Bank's actions and decisions. They reflect the principles of doing business and ensure the implementation of its strategy and building up of an impeccable business reputation"

The Conflicts of Interest Policy was adopted by the Bank to perform its obligations regarding maintenance and implementation of efficient administrative procedures and control mechanisms in order to identify an existing or potential conflict of interest and its management during service provision.

Conflict of interest may arise during provision of a certain service, execution of a financial transaction, or on a constant basis. If a conflict of interests may harm the interests of clients or the Bank, the main objective of the Bank is identification and management of these situations under the provisions of applicable legislation.

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