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Having the safety of the bank’s employees and that of our clients’ in top priority, Piraeus Bank implemented the ability to prolong safe deposit boxes rent agreements without visiting the bank’s branches.

Therefore, one should call to the bank’s branch or contact center and maintain in their account the needed amount of funds. The bank will not apply any penalties to those customers who will not have requested amount of money in their account. The payment for the prolonged period will be equivalent to the valid tariffs (31-90 days). As soon as the requested amount will appear in the account, the payment for the rent will be charged automatically.

Thus, clients do not need to visit the branch of the bank. Piraeus Bank continues to take care of your valuables and makes it easier for you until all preventive measures related with COVID-19 will be canceled.

If you have any questions, please, call to the bank’s Call Center: (0-800-30-888-0 calls from fixed line and cell phones within Ukraine are free; +38 (044) 495-88-90 for calls from abroad, via the Skype: Piraeusbank.connect.)


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