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Piraeus Bank took the 13th place in the ranking of the most robust banks in Ukraine according to the FinScore index, which is based on 25 indicators. This index has been developed by YouControl and takes into account the NBU norms and financial ratios that fully reflect the state of liquidity, capital adequacy, profitability, lending, investment and currency risks of banks.

As the developers of this index point out, financial Soundness does not necessarily come with large size of assets in general loans or deposits.
One of the parameters the index is considering is “Access to resources and reliability of the beneficiary”, which is taken into account, in particular, by the possibility of financial support of the bank by its shareholders. Another parameter is the country of origin of the ultimate beneficiaries of financial institutions of the institution, how much they can help Ukrainian "daughters" in the event of a crisis or other problems. Indeed, as experience shows, none of the banks belonging to international European banking groups became insolvent during the recent financial crisis.

Reference: YouControl is an analytical system for business intelligence and verification of counterparts in Ukraine, generates a dossier for each company in Ukraine based on open data, monitors changes in state registers and visualizes connections between affiliated persons.


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