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Piraeus Bank offers an increased interest rate to the deposit for pensioners for whole types of banks’ deposits in hryvnia.

According to the conditions, clients who receives a pension in Piraeus Bank will additionally receive + 0.25% per annum to the standard rate. The pensioners who do not receives payment of pension in Piraeus Bank can open a deposit with an additional +0.15% per annum to the standard rate.

The minimum deposit amount is UAH 10 thousand, the terms available to clients for placing a deposit with additional interest rate: 3,6 and 12 months. This offer does not apply to a deposit for a period for 10 months.

If you interested in proposal, please, call to the bank’s Contact Center: 0-800-30-888-0 (calls within Ukraine are free of charge); +38 (044) 495-88-90 for calls from abroad, via the Skype: Piraeusbank.connect or fill in the form of "Order call".


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