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The Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting will take place on the 6th of February 2009 in Kiev.

JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB" announces that the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting will take place on 06.02.2009 at 10.00h a.m. at the address:  Kyiv, 8, Illinska str., Block 7, 4th floor.

of the Extraordinary General Meeting

1. Validating decision on the Bank's authorized capital increase by increasing number of shares at existing nominal value by means of additional contributions.
2. Validating decision on closed (private) placement of shares and approval of the resolution minutes on the closed (private) placement of shares.
3. Appointment of the Bank's body and persons (Management board and CEO) authorized to make decisions and perform all necessary actions established by the current legislation concerning closed (private) placement of the Bank's shares.
4. Change of JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB" registered securities (shares) registrar to ING Registrar.
5. Release Mr. J. Provopoulos from execution of the Supervisory Board member's duties (according with resolution of the SB meeting from 26/05/08).

Additional issue of shares is done with the aim to replenish working assets, increasing financial stability, ensuring further development of the Bank. Authorized capital increase is performed by means of additional issue of ordinary registered shares in physical certificate form at existing nominal value. Amount of the authorized capital increase is proposed in amount of UAH 110 000 000   (one hundred ten millions hryvnas).

Data on number and total nominal value of shares that are additionally issued:
11 000 000 (eleven millions) ordinary registered shares of existing nominal value of UAH 10,00 (ten hryvna) each of an aggregate nominal value UAH 110 000 000,00  (one hundred ten millions hryvnas 00 kopiyok).
After capital increase new capital will make UAH 510 000 000,00  (five hundred and ten millions hryvnas 00 kopiyok).

Draft modifications to the charter of JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB"
Shall be revised to read as follows:
Clause 4.1 second para. "The authorized capital stock of the Bank shall be formed by own funds of the shareholders as UAH 510 000 000,00  (five hundred ten millions hryvnas 00 kopiyok). The authorized capital stock of the Bank is divided into 51 000 000 (fifty one millions) ordinary documentary registered shares which nominal value of UAH 10,00 (ten hryvna)  each (hereinafter referred to as "shares")".

Rights of shareholders at additional issue of shares:
The Bank's Shareholders have preferential right for purchase of shares issued additionally by means of closed (private) placement in number proportional to their share in the Bank's authorized capital as of date of start of closed (private) placement.

Date of start and end of closed (private) placement of shares:
Closed (private) placement is performed in two stages.
First stage: from 11.03.2009 to 23.03.2009;
Second stage: from 24.03.2009 to 30.03.2009.

No losses related to the Bank's authorized capital change are expected for the shareholders; shareholders' rights are respected.

Registration of participants of the Meeting will take place on 06.02.2009 at the place where the Meeting will be held from 09.00h to 09.45h.
For participation in the Meeting the Bank's shareholders need to have a passport, and shareholders' representatives need to have a passport and a power of attorney certified according to the requirements of the current legislation.

Telephone number for information: +38 (044) 5372194.

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