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Deposit «Treasury»

Piraeus Bank is a powerful international banking group. That is why placing money on deposit accounts of our bank you can always be sure of safety and guaranteed profitability of your deposit.

Deposit «Treasury» is developed especially for those depositors, who trust to the Bank huge amounts of funds and want to receive maximum income after maturity of deposit or monthly in form of interest for usual needs.

Deposit advantages:

  • The highest interest rates
  • An opportunity to receive interest monthly or at maturity of the deposit
  • Wide variety of tenors to place temporary free funds

Deposit terms:

  • Interest rate doesn't change during all period of validity of the contract;
  • Funds can be placed for the tenor from 1 to 374 days;
  • Deposit currency: UAH, US dollars, euro;
  • Minimum amount of deposit is UAH 350 000, US dollars 50 000, euro 35 000;
  • Interests on the deposit are paid once, simultaneously with deposit return, or monthly and transferred into specially opened current account. Requisites of this account are specified in the contract of the bank deposit;
  • According to you, Bank can open the international VISA payment card to your current account;
  • Deposit doesn't assume the possibility of replenishment or early redemption of funds.

Please, get acquainted with interest rates on deposit «Treasury» in Bank’s branches

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