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Corporate Responsibility

One of the main convictions of Piraeus Bank is that the development of its activities will be optimal if achieved in a socially robust environment. With the aim to operate in harmony with society, it attaches major importance to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, including Corporate Governance, Social work, Cultural contributions and Environmental issues.
Corporate Social Responsibility for Piraeus Bank Group is the voluntary commitment of businesses to include in their business practices social and environmental actions, further to and beyond any legal obligations, which are related with all their stakeholders (employees, shareholders, associates, suppliers, investors, consumers, communities where they operate, etc.).

Corporate Governance

For the purpose of safeguarding its corporate interest as well as the interests of its shareholders, Piraeus Bank has adjusted itself to the institutional framework regarding corporate governance.

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The cooperation with public welfare organisations along three lines of actions, i.e. "Child, Family, Health", is a strategic choice of the Bank for targeted social interventions.

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Social responsibility in the sphere of cukture is maintained through the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) which is a non-profit institution that carries out culture-related activities of Piraeus Bank.

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Piraeus Bank believes that the quality of life is intricately connected to the quality of environment, and to this end takes specific actions. Piraeus Bank has reduced its energy consumption and improved natural resource management through environmental management programmes; it is also the first bank in Greece to have created dedicated "green" loans. This makes Piraeus Bank a pioneer, amongst financial institutions, in regards to environmental management and support of green entrepreneurship.

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