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How secure are the deposits in Piraeus Bank?

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine is part of a international banking group, Piraeus Bank Group, which is one of the leading banking institutions in South-Eastern Europe with total assets of the Group. The loan portfolio amounts to EUR 37.9 billion and the volume of customer deposits reached EUR 43.6 billion (as of the end of March 2019).

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine has the highest rating of deposits reliability (score 5), since its assignation in March 2009 by the rating agency "Credit Rating". In addition, the Bank is a member of the Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals.

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For how long can I place funds on deposit?

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine offers to place a term deposit for 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 months or 367 days. Also, funds can be placed indefinitely at a saving account included in the Financial Guide.

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Is the deposit income the subject to income tax withholding?

At present, income from deposits with banks and credit unions is taxed on the personal income tax (PIT) at the rate of 18%. Plus, depositors have to pay another 1.5% in military fees.

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Is there a possibility to use the interest accrued on the deposit until the expiry of the deposit agreement?

Yes, if investor chooses a deposit with monthly interest payments. Piraeus Bank offers to place savings on deposit accounts with interest payable at maturity, monthly.

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In what currency can I make savings in Piraeus Bank?

The Bank accepts deposits in UAH, U.S. dollars and euro.

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What should I do to place a deposit?

To open a deposit in Piraeus Bank in Ukraine, you should apply at any of our branches. To open a term deposit you should have documents proving your identity (passport and an identification code) and open a current bank account. Our specialist will help you to choose a bank deposit that meets your needs. After the conclusion of the deposit agreement you will be able to transfer funds to the account specified in the contract. .

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Can I withdraw money from the deposit not in the branch where account was opened?

Under the terms of the contract at the end of the deposit funds will be atomatically transferred  to your account, opened in Piraeus Bank. After the expiration of the contract you will be able to withdraw money from your current account at any branch of Piraeus Bank in Ukraine. Also, you can withdraw the accrued interest, accrued on your term deposit, in any branch of the Bank.

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