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How can I repay loan taken in Piraeus Bank?

Loan can be repaid in cash in any branch of Piraeus Bank, as well as by bank transfer from any bank account/card to account/card to an account specified for this purpose in the loan agreement.

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What documents are required for loan?

You need a passport, identification code and, depending on the loan product, the documents, list of which a manager in Piraeus Bank branch will provide.

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Where can I get loan?

You can get the loan in any of the Piraeus Bank branches that is convenient for you.

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How can I learn the loan payments schedule?

You can get a preliminary schedule of payments during the consultation in branch. You will receive a printed schedule of payments when getting the loan in a package of documents.

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How can I make the early repayment? And is there any fee for this?

Yes, a customer who wants to repay the loan early, should apply to Piraeus Bank branch and fill in the form to obtain an early repayment not less than 3 days before the actual maturity. In case of early repayment interest will be charged only for the actual period of the loan. There is no fee for early repayment.

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Should the client notify the Bank about changing his/her details?

Yes, the customer should immediately inform the Bank about any changes of his/her personal data, including the circumstances which may affect his/her ability to repay the loan within five working days from the date of such changes entering into force or the emergence of such circumstances.

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