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IBAN in Ukraine

We would like to bring to your attention  that from 13.01.2020 all payments and cross-border transfers, in local and foreign currencies, will be executed only through customer accounts that are identified with an IBAN ( international bank account number)  which consist of 29 alphanumeric characters.
From 05 August, 2019 JSC «PIRAEUS BANK ICB» has already opened for Customers new accounts only in accordance with the requirements of the IBAN standard.
IBAN will allow bank customers to:
•identify the payer and the receiver of funds as well as their servicing Ukrainian bank in an easy and
  convenient way;
•avoid mistakes in bank account details thanks to fewer details in the payment documents;
•make and receive transfers faster.

IBAN in Ukraine is formed according to the national standard (29 characters):

UA – (two letters) - the code of Ukraine;
YY – two control digits (calculated in accordance with the calculation algorithm);
MMMMMM – bank code (MFO) (for example, 300658 for JSC «PIRAEUS BANK ICB»);
00000 – zeros, which complement the total number of characters up to 29;
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX – customer account (if the customer's account is shorter than 14 characters, the number of zeros in the amount required to bring the account up to 14 characters is added before the account).

Example of IBAN account: UA453006580000026201234567891
Example of creating an active account in IBAN format:
Current account number - 26201122334455
The account after transfer to IBAN format - UA453006580000026201122334455

What do I need to switch to IBAN?

The IBAN format is automatically converted. You do not need to change your old accounts and enter into additional agreements.
How to find out your IBAN account?
The transition to the IBAN format applies to all clients of the banking system - individuals, entrepreneurs, legal entities, etc.
Account details can be obtained from the remote customer service or by contacting any Piraeus Bank branch.
Important! Be sure to change all of your payment templates that have account in the old format.
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Branches contacts

Additionally we recommend to get acquainted with theInformation of the National Bank of Ukraine regarding the introduction of the IBAN.

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