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Consumer mortgage loan

Consumer mortgage loan of the residential real estate from Piraeus Bank in Ukraine provides cash on favorable and transparent terms for up to 10 years.

Terms for consumer mortgage loan of real estate:
Loan currency
Repayment method
standard or annuity
Type of loan interest rate
For the first year of loan - fixed
Starting from the second year – changeable
Upfront fee
1.50% (upfront)

Interest rates:
Borrower’s status
Loan value, %
Loan’s term
Interest rate for the 1st year (fixed), %
Hired employee
50 from the pledge value
5 years
7 years
10 years





 Additional expenses: 

  • Real estate insurance – from 0.2% of real estate appraised value, which is provided for mortgage to the Bank 
  • Accident insurance* – from 0.3% of the loan amount

* Insurance is compulsory, if the Borrower is 45 as of the moment of agreement concluding;
If the Borrower is 45 during the validity of the loan agreement, he/she must effect an insurance policy during 10 calendar days


  • early repayment without any penalties 
  • no hidden fees 
  • fast decision making on mortgage loan extension of real estate 
  • European level of service

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