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Investment loans

Investment financing in Piraeus Bank in Ukraine allows your company to fund: 

  • acquisition of fixed assets (property, equipment), as well as the cost of their repair, modernization and reconstruction;
  • other capital costs associated with the development and introduction of new products, improving existing product line extension and the establishment of distribution network, improving information systems, etc.;
  • the purchase of shares in M&A transactions.
Total cost of financing depends on the borrower's financial state, the structure of the financed project, the quality of software, as well as the current financial market conditions.
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Associated product for investment lending is working capital financing, because the need for this capital typically increases along with the investments developed and the volume of the company grown.
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Piraeus Bank ranked 2nd with the highest-level reliability of retail deposits for the 2Q2019 according to “Rating of reliable banking deposits”, conducted by “Standard Rating” (Ukraine).
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