Please, visit the page Online Services and click on the Internet banking system winbank link. This will redirect you to the login page.

  1. Enter the following security codes in the relevant fields:
  •  “User ID”
  •  “PIN”
  •  “extraPIN generator” (optional - you may skip this and enter your one-time 6-digit password during your transactions if asked by the system)
  1. Select “Log In”
The extraPIN generator is a special device that produces random one-time passwords.

Your connection to the Piraeus Online Banking service using the extraPIN alongside with your usual UserID and PIN, strengthens the security level of our service (two-factor authentication).

Device features
The password produced by the extraPIN generator appears on the LCD screen of the device. This password is valid for 60 seconds and therefore must be entered within this validity period. Its duration is indicated on the left side of the LCD screen in the form of horizontal bars. Each bar corresponds to 10 seconds.
The screen of the device is always on, displaying a 6-digit random, one-time password which is renewed automatically every 60 seconds.
  • After the extraPIN is entered, it becomes invalid and cannot be used again.
  •  The battery life of the device is approximately 5 years.
  •  The expiry date is inscribed on the back of the device in the format DD/MM/YY.

Access after entering the extraPIN

The one-time password from the extra-PIN generator is the third “security password” that can be entered when trying to gain access to the service. By entering this password, you are granted full access to the service depending on the corresponding functions for retail or corporate users.

The extraPIN is required for the following functions:

  • Funds Transfer (all types)
  • Application Management
  • Manage/ Reject Pending Transactions
  • Manage User Permissions (multiple users having varying levels of authority)

 You can acquire an extraPIN either through the extraPIN generator device or by receiving it in an SMS on your declared mobile phone number.

Option 1 - extraPIN to Mobile Phone

In case you do not have the extraPIN generator device with you, you can request an extraPIN to be sent through the system in the form of an SMS to the mobile phone number you have declared. This password must be entered within five minutes from the time it has been received, otherwise its validity is cancelled.

This service is offered free of charge.

Option 2 – extraPIN via extraPIN generator device

If you happen to carry the extraPIN generator device with you, you will need to enter the one-time password if you wish to perform any transactions within the set daily limits.

In both cases, the extraPIN provides exactly the same security level during transactions.

Access when not entering the extraPIN
If you do not enter the extraPIN when you log in, you can still use the service. The onetime 6-digit password may be entered during your transactions if it is asked by the system.

Suggestions and troubleshooting

Αlways carry the extraPIN generator device with you, so as to have easy access to our electronic services provided at any time of the day, anywhere you may be. The device is small and light and may even be hung on your key ring.

  • Do not try forcing the extraPIN generator device with any means. Violation may result to automatic destruction of its internal mechanism.
  • The extraPin generator is strictly for your personal use and you should not lend it to any third-party.
  • For your safety, we recommend that you memorize your UserID and PIN codes and that you do not keep them together with the extraPIN generator device.
  • Do not connect the extraPIN generator device to the USB slot of your computer.