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Overdraft ''Unsecured''

«Overdraft without collateral» means extra money on your current account. It is an opportunity to easily, quickly and cost-effectively get the overdraft limit, which enhance the ability of a company to use financial resources within the short-term discontinuities in funds receipt. And most importantly - without collateral!

Advantages of «Overdraft without collateral»:

  • No collateral (only the owner’s guarantee);
  • Decision-making time by the Bank (up to 6 days) and speed of receiving a loan (Up to 2.5 working days);
  • No additional costs for lending process (notary, insurance, obtaining certificates associated with collateral);
  • Automatic increase of overdraft limit (the bigger turnover – the bigger limit);
  • Loan cost reduction via differentiated rate;
  • There is an opportunity for new customers to get the limit from the 1st day of cooperation with the Bank;
  • Interests are charged only for the actual days of use.
Loan terms
Minimum term of business existence 24 months from the date of state registration
Overdraft currency hryvnia
Overdraft Term up to 12 months, with quarterly revision of the limit
Overdraft amount Up to 30% of monthly income to the current account in Piraeus Bank, or up to 15% of monthly income on current accounts in other banks
Maximum overdraft amount 3 000 000 UAH
Minimum overdraft amount 500 000 UAH
Upfront fee for overdraft extension min 1% of overdraft amount
Interest rate Differentiated or fixed
Continuous period of the loan Up to 90 days (in many banks zeroing once every 30 days)

Additional conditions:

  • Total Client money turnovers at least UAH 20 million per year;
  • Absence of a clearly expressed seasonal pattern (deviation revenue more than 30% of the average).

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Places where you can get Overdraft "Beneficial interest":

  • Please address the Bank branches to execute loan and receive additional information
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