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Term extension of free rent of individual safe-boxes
07 March 2022

For agreements, expired starting from 24.02.2022
For agreements, expired starting from 24.02.2022
Due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and the difficult situation in many regions of Ukraine, Piraeus Bank announces changes to the terms of the Agreement with the Bank for the use of individual safe-boxes.
In case of impossibility to hand over the keys, pick up the contents of the safe, free the individual safe-box after the expiration of the leasing agreement for the safe-box in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the Bank extends the use of the individual safe-box for a period until the end of martial law in Ukraine.
Detailed information can be found here.
In other matters, the Parties will be guided by the provisions of the Agreement and current legislation of Ukraine.