Joint Stock Company “PIRAEUS BANK ICB” (hereinafter – PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC; Bank) greatly values its reputation and in its activities is guided by the following principles:

  • Compliance with all statutory requirements and international standards for doing business;
  • Prevention of corruption and fraud, conflict of interests;
  • All employees of Piraeus Bank are obligated to adhere to the Code of Conduct (Ethics) of PIRAEUS BANK JSC, Compliance Policy (Policy of Compliance with Legal Rules and Standards) of PIRAEUS BANK
    ICB, JSC Conflicts of Interest Prevention Policy of PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC etc.

In order to ensure effective compliance with those principles, the Bank developed a system to monitor the compliance of the Bank and its employees with legal requirements, internal policies, rules and standards (compliance control system).

In that connection, the Bank asks to report any possible facts of misconduct for further investigation of each case and applying of respective actions. To file a report, it is sufficient to fill in the Misconduct Report form, provided below. It is possible to provide both a named and an anonymous message.

The message should include the information full name/ organization name, and contact details. Please note that the message must contain the full name and the position of the employee/ title of the Bank's unit, whose actions, in your opinion, are inappropriate, as well as the date of the incident (the more widely provided information about the violation, the faster and more effective its investigation is).

It is necessary to substantiate the fact of misconduct by the employee/ unit of the Bank, and provide any relevant evidence, if available in the "Attachments".

Any statements submitted in order to resolve personal conflicts with the employees of PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC will not be considered. Also, please be advised that complaints about the quality of service are not considered by the Compliance Control Department of PIRAEUS BANK JSC.

Only a limited circle of employees of the Compliance Control Department of PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC will have access to the information provided by you. This information is not subject
to disclosure.

Personal data will be held and processed in accordance with the provisions of the effective legislation on personal data protection.



The Bank encourages submission of Notices on its own behalfAnonymous reports make it difficult, or impossible, to conduct a detailed investigation since it becomes difficult to obtain data from an anonymous party (such as discussion, meeting to provide clarifications in the course of the investigation) and to evaluate reliability of such reports. The submitted Anonymous Reports are considered depending on how well documented they are and whether the described misconduct can be identified. The Bank assumes a commitment to protect the anonymity of the person who submits an Misconduct Report, and does not take any actions that could result in the disclosure of identity such a person.

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Piraeus Bank greatly values its reputation and is guided by the following principles in its activities:
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