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Credit card

Lack money to buy and don’t want to borrow or to take a long-term loan? Buy necessary product or service with credit card from Piraeus Bank. The credit card expenses can be repaid at any convenient time!

Advantages of the credit card:

  • no fee for card transactions in retail networks;
  • ability to pay for one-touch purchases without issuing a card with a VISA Gold credit card;
  • simple expenses control – one tariff for all cash withdrawals operations via ATM;
  • no hidden fees;
  • free SMS-informing service, registration and servicing in Internet banking system winbank;
  • comfortable repayment method and option of early repayment of debts without any penalties.

Terms of credit card using:

  • free card issue;
  • annual account servicing: VISA Classic - 59 UAH, VISA Gold - 249 UAH;
  • grace period of loan with an interest rate of 0% per annum* up to 51-day;
  • interest rates for purchase operations VISA Classic - 36%, VISA Gold - 34% per year; interest rates for cash withdrawal operations VISA Classic - 44%, VISA Gold - 42% per year;
  • the minimum limit on card: VISA Classic - 2 000 UAH, VISA Gold - 20 000 UAH.
  • the maximum limit on card: VISA Classic - 25 000 UAH, VISA Gold - 75 000 UAH.

*The grace period applies to non-cash purchases and determined by the date of purchase. Interest rate of 0.0001% per annum applies to non-cash transaction if the client returns actual amount of total debt to the 20th day of the following month.

Methods of payment the expenses on credit cards:


  • please get acquainted with the credit card tariffs;
  • please get acquainted with the credit card tariffs for the customers whose accounts were opened from 01.01.2013 to 01.07.2014;
  • please get acquainted with the credit card tariffs for the customers whose accounts were opened from 01.01.2013 to 05.09.2013;
  • please get acquainted with a promotional credit card tariffs.

    Please get acquainted with the Standard forms of contracts, Rules and with the list of required documents for the credit card.

    Potential risks for the client in using consumer loans
    In case of overdue debt, the borrower pays interest for use of overdue debt, interest for use of unauthorized overdraft in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement and the Bank's tariffs. The Bank has right to write off Interest on overdue debt, by contractual write-off from any accounts of the borrower.
    In case the borrower violates terms of the loan agreement (other than overdue debt, use of unauthorized overdraft), the borrower pays penalty.
    he bank is entitled to demand early repayment of credit, interest, other payments, apply to juridical authorities to recover the debt in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.
    The bank is entitled to provide information on indebtedness to the credit bureau/Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine, including negative credit history.

Preliminary calculation of the payment schedule and the total cost of the credit card loan

Examples of credit card usage calculation results.

Essential characteristics of consumer loans.

Learn more:

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You can open credit card in branches.


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