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New winbank possibilities

Our clients can manage their debit and credit cards via online-banking system winbank.


  • Activated service of Piraeus Bank winbank.

Managing debit cards via winbank enables to:

  • View detailed information on the card opened in Piraeus Bank (number and expiration date, its balance, status etc.);
  • Refill Your debit card from Your account opened in Piraeus Bank;
  • Refill third person’s Piraeus Bank debit card;
  • View and change the daily limit on the card;
  • Order new card for the account, its duplicate;
  • Freeze the card in case of loss or theft as well as release it after investigation;
  • Turn on/off the sms-informing.

Managing credit cards via winbank enables to:

  • View detailed information on the card opened in Piraeus Bank (total debt, minimal payment, available balance, dates of payment etc.);
  • Repay a debt under a credit card;
  • View monthly bank statements;
  • Turn on/off the SMS-informing.


  • Processing a debit card via winbank is up to 10% cheaper than in the Piraeus Bank branch; 
  • Order a debit card at any time and in any place;
  • Promptness and safety of transactions without leaving house/office;
  • Time saving;
  • Control of balance and funds flow on the card account.


  • Transfers within Your own Piraeus Bank accounts - 0% commission;
  • Transfers within Piraeus Bank clients - 0% commission.

Internet-banking Tariffs

  • Please get acquainted with the internet-banking Tariffs

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