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Piraeus Bank has supported a nationwide conference of students and postgraduates of Shevchenko Kiev National University
16 May 2014

Piraeus Bank took part in the Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students and graduates, which was organized by the Banking Department of Economics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University.

In particular, with the Bank's support the research abstracts of the conference will be published in 2 books, which will be sent to the participants, as well as to all academic libraries and higher educational institutions of Ukraine for further study research.

Also during the conference O. Shevchuk, HR Department Director of Piraeus Bank, held a speech and highlighted the key competence lines, skills and characteristics important for a successful graduate to apply for employment in a banking institution, with no relevant working experience.

"The labor market in the banking sector is becoming increasingly competitive. And for young professionals it is important not just to meet the expectations of the employer, but also exceed them. We are happy here in Piraeus Bank to cooperate with the University and the Banking Department taking students on paid internships not for the first year round. Those who have proven themselves better than others during internship, we employ to the Bank", - she said.

She also informed that for the winners in the conference, works and presentations of which the jury finds the best, Piraeus Bank has prepared prizes, main of which is the e-book.

As was noted by Svetlana Naumenkova , PhD, Professor, Head of Banking Department of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University: "Even before the conference even started, it proved to be of a really great success, because the thesis for publication and presentation were sent by about 250 students and postgraduates, which is especially great, taking into account the fact that this conference was held at the Department for the first time. This year is very remarkable one for the Department, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year and for the entire Economics Faculty, which in 2014 celebrates the 70th anniversary." "We are proud of our achievements, the quality of knowledge that we provide to the students and, of course, of our graduates," - said the Head of the Department.

In general, about 200 students during the conference, of which more than 50 students were from other universities of the country, defended their work in five sections in the following thematic areas: "The theory of money and credit development, the current problems in the theory of financial intermediation", "Monetary Policy : Strategic objectives and implementation mechanisms. Central banking activity, banking regulation and supervision", "Banking activity on the securities’ market, modern financial tools and investment technics. The development of financial services market , the problems of interaction between the banking and insurance business"; "Banking management and banking risk management. Mathematical Methods and Modelling in banking"; "Electronic banking products and services, payment and accounting systems development." Two winners with the best presentations were selected in each section.

The best participants who took 1, 2 and 3 places were awarded by Piraeus Bank with e-books and Bank’s souvenirs.

Previously, the Bank informed on support and participation in " Social and economic prospects of Ukraine in XXI century" the annual students’ conference held in Hetman Kiev National Economic University.