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"Lending in local currency decreases business risks" - Maryana Lavrovska, Deputy Head of Corporate Business Department of Piraeus Bank
18 July 2014

During her speech at the conference Maryana Lavrovska, Head of Corporate Business Department of Piraeus Bank, responded to questions from the audience and recommended to take loans in local currency: "Companies that produce organic products are mainly count on the domestic market trading, respectively, should not take additional risk and take loans in local currency".

Speaker of the Bank told about funding opportunities provided by the bank: financing working capital: credit lines, overdrafts, loans secured by deposit in local currency, U.S. dollars and euro for the term up to 12 months, financing the purchase of fixed assets, modernization of production, credit lines and loans with adjusted repayment schedule. Among the Bank’s services the speaker highlighted documentary operations: guarantees, letters of credit (import / export - up to 12 months), with the possibility of confirming the parent structure, post-import, pre-export financing.

The Bank’s representative named the basic requirements for borrowers, legal entities, as well as informed about pricing in the Bank. "Among the main points we pay attention on the experience of doing business, profitable activity, business plan, loans collateral- movable / immovable property.

Also, the Bank held on-line broadcasting on the official page in the social network facebook and covered the main details of the event.

Apart of the huge enthusiasm and thorough market research in the creation of YES! Organic lays experience of more than 8 years in this field. At the conference, key market players, heads of departments and senior managers of leading companies discussed how to develop the market for organic products in Ukraine.