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Piraeus Bank canceled fines, penalties and interests for credit use
20 August 2014

Align with the Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families" Piraeus Bank cancels the penalty and interests charging on loans granted to individuals who are militarians from the beginning and till the end of a specific period and to those who are reservists or bound to military service after the call during mobilization and till the end of the special period.

For borrowers who received loans in the branches of JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB" in Donets and have overdue payments not earlier than 05.01.2014, the Bank has decided not to charge penalties and interests till the end of this year. As emphasized by Ekaterina Vinnitsa, Deputy Director of Retail Banking of Piraeus Bank: "The decision was made due to the desire of the bank to support people in difficult times for the country. We believe that the cancellation of penalties I the least we can do to support our customers. Particularly when there is an objective impossibility of the scheduled repayment of loan in Donetsk city. Piraeus Bank expresses its respect and support for our soldiers and wishes victory to all of us."

In order to take advantage of the privileges the one should provide the bank with documents confirming his/her belonging to the mentioned social groups.

The list of required documents can be found here:

These documents can be provided by the borrower personally, transmitted by third parties or by mail.

The duration of extraordinary period during which the privileged will be implemented, varies individually and depends on initial date of call during the mobilization, duration of anti-terrorist operation, etc. and must be specified further.

For more information, please address to the Contact Center by phone 0-800-30-888-0 or +38 (044) 495 88 90 or to the manager of the nearest bank’s branch.