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Appeal to the customers of Piraeus Bank registered on the territory of the free economic zone “Crimea”
03 December 2014

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that on November 5, 2014 the NBU Management Board Resolution №699 from 03.11.2014 “On the application of certain norms of currency legislation during the regime of temporary occupation of the territory of the free economic zone "Crimea"”came into force.

According to its provisions:

1. All individuals registered on the territory of the free economic zone “Crimea” (AR Crimea and Sevastopol ]) (Hereinafter – FEZ “Crimea”) are equated to nonresidents (by investment transactions - to foreign investors);

2. Transfers (payments) from the mainland territory of Ukraine to the territory of FEZ “Crimea” or from the territory of FEZ “Crimea” to the mainland territory of Ukraine are carried out in the manner prescribed by Regulations of the NBU (taking into account restrictions set forth in the Resolution of the NBU №540) for transactions with the transfer of funds outside of Ukraine/to Ukraine.

3. In case of necessity to make payments connected with the property located in the Crimea legal entities carry out such transfers on the basis of the documents confirming their right of ownership of such property and the documents confirming availability of the conditions for the payment of obligations.

4. Agreements concluded by business entities of the Crimea with business entities who are registered/permanently reside in other parts of Ukraine are the documents that are used instead of foreign economic agreements (contracts) during the application of normative legal acts of the NBU.

5. Investments of residents in objects of investment activity, which are located (registered) on the territory of the Crimea, are prohibited.

6. Carrying out transactions on open accounts of legal entities, the location of which is the territory of FEZ “Crimea”, was stopped.

7. Transference of cash Russian rubles through the administrative border of FEZ “Crimea” is prohibited, except for their transference by individuals in an amount not exceeding the equivalent of UAH 10 thousand subject to oral declaration to a customs officer.

The possibilities to repay the credit card and mortgage/car loans are published on the official website of the Bank in section Press center.

If any additional questions arise, please contact 24/7 Call Center –
0 800 30 888 0 (calls from fixed line phones within Ukraine are free, mobile - according to the tariffs of operators).

Thank you for your understanding.