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Informing customers of the bank about increasing the level of password security in Piraeus Online Banking
02 December 2014

Dear customers,

In order to improve the level of safety when working with systems of remote service, Piraeus Bank increased the level of password policy in Piraeus Online Banking, according to which the password must meet the following requirements:

1. Minimum user password length - 6 symbols
2. The password expiration period - 60 days
3. Possibility of password reuse - in 5 changes
4. Password must contain numbers, letters (capital and small) and special characters (@, #, $, etc.). Example: 1Qaz @ WS

Please note that the system will automatically offer you to change your password. No further action is required.

Piraeus Bank understands that the increasing number of clients move towards banking operations online. That is why we strongly believe it is important to provide the highest level of security to use remote service system.

With respect to you and your business,
Team of Piraeus Bank