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Piraeus Bank awards the winners of "Holiday Gifts" campaign
30 December 2014

Piraeus Bank congratulates winners of "Holiday Gifts" campaign in the first draw, which took place on 24 December, 2014.

The winners of the first round were:

1. Lesya Frolova, Kyiv city
2. Tatiana Bilyavskaya, Kyiv city
3. Victor Kondratiuk, Kyiv city
4. Alex Misurahin, Kyiv city
5. Yuri Ryabikin, Kyiv city
6. Igor Yahovdyk, Sumy city
7. Vladimir Koval, Kyiv city
8. Natalia Kravchuk, Kyiv city
9. Elena Shpikulyak, Kyiv city
10. Dmitry Danilov, Kyiv city

To participate in the action the one had to make a transaction of payment for goods or services in the amount of UAH 50 via credit card of Piraeus Bank during promotional period and the client became a participant of the bank's campaign.

All credit card holders of Piraeus Bank are notified about the beginning of a new period of the promotion via SMS to a phone number specified in the contract for a credit card.

We remind you that the "Holiday Gifts" campaign continues and five more draws are ahead. Under the terms of campaign at the end of each promotional period by random draw 10 winners are defined among all transactions of payment for goods or services by credit card of Piraeus Bank in the amount of UAH 50 and above. The maximum amount of financial compensation from the bank is USD 500 for each winner.
Thus, the more transactions will be done by our clients, the more chances to win.

Piraeus Bank congratulates the winners and all bank’s customers wishes their dreams to come true in the new year!