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Piraeus Bank awards winners of "Holiday Gifts" campaign
23 January 2015

Piraeus Bank announced the winners of the third draw of "Holiday Gifts" campaign.

The winners of the third round were:

1. Victoria Chuyko, Poltava city.
2. Alexey Tymoshenko, Mariupol city.
3. Angela Gnatiuk, Kiev city.
4. Elena Stepanova, Kiev city.
5. Anna Chusovitina, Donetsk city.
6. Sergey Kaliberov, Kiev city.
7. Andrey Mochalov, Kiev city.
8. Andrei Kharlamov, Kiev city.
9. Viktor Ustinov, Mariupol city.
10. Alexey Ponomarenko, Kiev city.

Under the terms of the campaign in order to take part the one needs to make a transaction of payment for goods or services in the amount of minimum UAH 50 using credit cards of Piraeus Bank during promo period.
At the end of the promotional period the bank determines 10 winners who will receive compensation from the bank for non-cash transactions made by a credit card within a promotional period by random draw. The maximum amount of financial compensation from the bank within promo-period is UAH 500 per one winner and transferred to the credit card. All tax expenses are paid by the bank.

Tetyana Bilyavskaya, the winner of the first drawing, commented on her prize: “For me it was a real surprise gift for New Year! Recently I had a trip to China. I had really many expenses: preparation for the trip, current needs, the journey itself, gifts for my relatives... Credit card helped me a lot! And there was also a surprise from the bank - a return of the money spent for non-cash winning transaction! I will continue to use the card and look forward another win. And I wish good luck to other bank customers who use credit cards!”

All cardholders of Piraeus Bank are informed about the beginning of a new promotional period by a text message sent to a telephone number of the contract to a credit card.

The promotion is valid on the territory of Ukraine, except temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, from December 12, 2014 to February 20, 2014. Today more than 30 clients of the bank have become the winners and received reward in total amount of more than UAH 4 915. We remind you that the action "Holiday Gifts" continues and there is still a four draw.

Piraeus Bank congratulates the winners of "Holiday Gifts" at the end of the second drawing, and I wish you luck!