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"Greek banks are strong and will survive the crisis," - Head of ECB Supervisory Board
30 January 2015

"Greek banks are now in a difficult situation due to the recent elections, but they are strong enough, - she said. - Large amount of work has been done to strengthen their balance sheets in recent years. They will pass through this crisis, like they passed through the previous". This was stated by news agency Bloomberg.

As reported by the international media, stock and bond markets of Greece are falling due to the fears that the new government will abandon austerity measures, which is contrary to the plans of the European Union. In addition, the Prime Minister intends to restructure debt to the EU.

Last week, the European Central Bank approved the allocation of financial assistance to the largest banks in Greece, which include Piraeus Bank in the amount of € 10 billion, in case the banks will feel such a need. Until now, there were no such needs.