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Piraeus Bank became a financial partner of the 23rd "Chestnut Race"
05 June 2015

Piraeus Bank, as a responsible business partner, once again had supported socially important initiative – "Chestnut Race 2015", which took place last Monday 1st June in Kiev.

“We appreciate the newfound ability to provide financial support to the participants and organizers of the Race. Participants came out to the start not for winning and victory over rivals here is not the main goal. Participating in a charity race, we not only help solving issues that arise during organization of the event, but also contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, regular exercises, get acquainted with like-minded people”- commented the decision to support the sport and charity event, Sergei Naumov, chairman of Piraeus Bank.

Along with financial support, Piraeus Bank had organized “Media Zone”. This initiative was implemented to ensure comfortable conditions for media representatives during the event and it was equipped with the access to the Internet and working materials. Due to advantageous location – in the very center of events – the journalists got access to all the top persons on the event.

It was also the second time when Piraeus Bank formed its own team from employees of the bank, who attracted to a healthy lifestyle their families, including children.

Participation in the Race embodies the concept of the bank's concept "Sharing the best", as in fact such large-scale projects develops mutual relations of people and strengthen positive attitude of population to a healthy lifestyle.

Photos from the run in which Piraeus Bank team took place are available at the Photo Gallery.