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Piraeus Bank launched a new term deposits “European” and “European with replenishment”
17 August 2015

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine expanded range of products for individuals and implemented “European” and “European with the replenishment” deposits that provide an opportunity to receive a guaranteed income on the increased interest rate, states the press service of the bank with reference to Retail Banking Department of the Bank.

According to information from the Piraeus Bank’s Retail banking department “European” deposit can be opened in one of three currencies – UAH, USD or euros. The maximum interest rate for the deposit in UAH 23% per annum, in USD – 8% per annum, euro – 7.5% per annum. In case of automatic prolongation of the deposit “European”, as well as opening via internet banking system winbank automatically raise rates by 0.5% per annum for deposits in national currency and 0.25% per annum in foreign currency.

For the Bank customers, who want to replenish deposit account, Piraeus Bank offers to open “European with replenishment” deposit that is available for terms of 3, 6 and 12 months. The minimum amount of replenishment for one month is UAH 500 or 50 USD/euro, the maximum – UAH 10 ths. or thousand USD/euro. Depending on the period and currency deposit rates could reach 21.5% per annum in UAH, 7% in USD and 6% in euros.

“Starting from August 17th, “European” and “European with replenishment” completed the existing product range of Piraeus Bank’s deposits so any customer's may find applicable offer. We are confident that both deposits will be popular and in demand among our customers, who want to receive maximum income in the stable and reliable bank, that is confirmed by reports of rating agencies and belonging to international financial group Piraeus Bank”, – commented Katerina Vinnitskaya, deputy director of retail business department of Piraeus Bank.

The minimum amount to open deposit is thousand hryvnias, 100 USD/euro, interest payment can be carried out at the end of the period or on a monthly basis. At the same time, the deposits do not provide partial withdrawal or early termination. Detailed information on the “European” and “European with replenishment” can be received by contacting Piraeus Bank branches, Contact Center – 0 800 30 888 0 (calls from stationary phones within Ukraine are free of charge, from mobile phones – according to the operators tariffs) or on the Bank's website