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The maximum daily limit of operations on the virtual cards issued in foreign currency equals UAH 15 ths, monthly – UAH 150 ths.
21 October 2015

Starting from October 21, maximum limits for operations with virtual cards issued to current accounts in US dollars and euros, in Piraeus Bank, equal UAH 15 ths. (equivalent) for total amount of transactions per day, UAH 150 ths. (equivalent) for total amount of transactions per month.

Apart from virtual cards issued to accounts in foreign currency, payment for goods and services via Internet also can be made via virtual cards issued for accounts in hryvnia. Maximum limits on operations with virtual card national currency remained unchanged – UAH 300 ths. per day.

Accordingly, the daily limits, which are set by Piraeus Bank by default for virtual cards issued in national currency and in US dollars and euros, equal UAH 3ths. (equivalent) and can be increased via winbank or the bank’s contact center within the maximum limits specified above.