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Piraeus Bank launched deposit autoprolongation service via the phone
01 September 2016
Piraeus Bank launched deposit autoprolongation service via the call center call. Clients-private individuals have the possibility to activate or cancel their deposits autoprolongation starting from the 1st September 2016. To do this a client has to pass the verification.

This innovation helps to save time, makes banking products usage easier and faster.

Besides the call center will contact clients whose deposit contracts run out soon and autoprolongation on which has been not activated. It allows to provide clients with a possibility to switch on deposit prolongation without a necessity to attend a Bank’s branch. Additionally clients of Piraeus Bank have an opportunity of autoprolongation activation via winbank.

Piraeus Bank offers a few types of deposits for clients opportunity to choose any they want.

Also the internet banking system winbank of Piraeus bank provides additional functionality for the remote banking services - opening of the deposit, its completion (in case of providing deposit type), change the account for interest payments and body deposit, viewing all needed information on it.

Any client can activate the deposit autoprolongation service via the phone: 0-800-30-888-0 (calls from fixed line phones within Ukraine are free).