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Quarantine frequently asked questions and answers
17 April 2020

Are Branches open? What is the working schedule?

Yes, Piraeus Bank branches are working, but according to a temporary modified schedule. You can find all details at the official Piraeus Bank web-site on the main page, in the "News" section or "Branches and ATMs" and by following thelink.

A specific branch is closed, what should I do? Why is it closed?

According to National Bank of Ukraine recommendation and always having in mind the safety of our employees and customers, some of Piraeus Bank  branches are temporarily closed. You may be served in another branch if you wish (address according to the news on the site by following the link).

How to open a new deposit or rollover an existing one?

Opening new deposits or rolling over existing ones is possible through our online electronic platform, winbank.

The deposit is over, how to access my funds? (UAH)

Once your deposit expires, the money will automatically be credited to your current account. Funds are available through the cash desk and ATMs of Piraeus Bank ICB, and also through other banks’ ATMs. Piraeus Bank allows 5 free cash withdrawal transaction on ATMs of other banks during one calendar month.

Currency deposit is over, how can I receive my funds?

Customers have the ability to withdraw their money at the branch of Piraeus Bank ICB. In order to withdraw your money, you are advised to contact the Call Centre of the bank beforehand and order the sum of money you wish to withdraw.

Is it possible to convert a dollar deposit into euro?

You can convert the currency deposit into hryvnia.

How to pay by credit card during quarantine?

Regular payments for credit card can be paid online via winbank. It`s the easiest and fastest way to pay by credit card for free.

Are there “Credit Holidays” for Credit Cards?

According to the Law, the Bank will not apply penalties to those customers who will not be able to repay due amounts on time and were not in payment delay on the beginning of the quarantine. It is important to keep in mind that this law does not exempt payments on your obligations. For more details please contact the Bank’s Call Center

How long the card could stay at the bank’s branch?

The card can be obtained from the Bank's branch within one month after the quarantine is over.

Card expires, what to do?

Piraeus Bank extends the validity period of its cards which expired in March, up to June, 1st 2020. For further use of the card, you must contact Piraeus Bank's ICB Call Center  and complete the identification process. If the quarantine is extended, the same will follow for the cards expiring in April, it will also be extended.

Card was lost / withhold by ATM / damaged. What should I do?

If the card has been lost you need to call the Bank’s Call Center in order to block the card immediately. Alternatively, you may do so through winbank.
If the card has been withhold by the ATM, you should apply to the bank’s branch within 5 days, otherwise the card will be removed and destroyed for security purposes.