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Piraeus bank is taking all necessary measures to protect its employees, its customers and the society at large
07 May 2020

In connection with the prolongation of the quarantine, Piraeus Bank continues to participate in all national efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 until the end of the quarantine.
From the first moment we, as an organization attending the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility, are in full alignment with the guidelines of the State, adhering strictly and consistently to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and NBU, and we have implemented a number of measures aiming at the safety of our employees, customers and associates and to the stability in the Ukrainian economy and society.


  • We have enabled our employees to work from home, with the exception of those employees whose work requires strict physical presence 
  • We are providing our employees with all the required supplies such as masks, gloves and sanitizers to protect them and our customers from COVID-19 infection 
  • We ensure express coronavirus tests for the employees 
  • We are using “remote” channels for business and internal corporate meetings 
  • The working hours of the branches have been temporarily changed 
  • We have provided transportation means for the daily transfer of our employees 
  • Business trips were canceled and trainings are now being conducted through “remote” channels 
  • CEO is conducting ZOOM-conferences with the bank’s employees for the best communication with staff 

The actions which have been implemented reduce the risk for everyone, including the employees of the bank, who come to work to ensure the bank's business continuity, which is essential for the smooth running of the economy.


  • We encourage our customers to use the bank's digital networks (winbank, mobile banking, iFobs), through which they can safely conduct their transactions 24 hours a day, with no public transportation and branch visits 
  • We extended the validity period of its cards which expired in March and in April 
  • We simplify prolongation procedure of deposit safe boxes rent during the quarantine period and we have canceled penalty charges 
  • We canceled penalty charges and implemented loan restructuring for bona fide customers 
  • We preserve high cyber security standards to secure our customers' transactions 
  • We ensure the communication with clients through online platforms (web-site, social media)
  • We are standing by the side of our customers who have been affected directly or indirectly from the outbreak of COVID-19, complying with all regulations provided by the National Bank of Ukraine, using all the available tools we have.

We have launched a series of preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • We have restricted the number of customers being able to be serviced in each of our branch at the same time 
  • We perform certified disinfection and intensive cleaning in the workplaces daily 
  • We constantly distribute antiseptic liquid to our units and stores and employees are working wearing gloves 
  • We have posted information materials in our branches which are being updated constantly.

At Piraeus Bank, implementing a business continuity plan in all operations, we ensure the uninterrupted customer service. At the same time, we are monitoring developments to be able to review our plans and take additional action if necessary, to contribute to the national effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Understanding the impact that the spread of the virus has on society and the economy, we put the health and protection of our employees and our customers first and foremost.