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Change of Corporate Name and Distinctive Title of the demerged “PIRAEUS BANK Société Anonyme” to “Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A.” and respectively “Piraeus Financial Holdings”
11 February 2021

Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. (formerly “PIRAEUS BANK Société Anonyme”) (hereinafter the “Company” or the “Demerged Entity”) announces that, following:

a) the resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders held on 10.12.2020,


b) the corporate announcement dated 30.12.2020, through which informed the investment community for the approval of the demerger of the Company by way of hive-down of its banking activity sector and its contribution into a new banking entity incorporated under the corporate name “PIRAEUS BANK Société Anonyme”, the amendment of the Articles of Association of the Demerged Entity was approved by virtue of the decision of the Ministry of Development and Investments No 731/05.01.2021, which has been registered on the same day in the General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI) with Registration Number 2442564.

According to article 1 of the Articles of Association, the corporate name and the distinctive title of the Demerged Entity is amended to “Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A.” and “Piraeus Financial Holdings” respectively.

The Athens Exchange was informed for the abovementioned decision on 05.01.2021. Therefore, the date of change of the Company’s corporate name and distinctive title in the Athens Exchange is set for 07.01.2021.
For further information, Shareholders may contact the Company’s Shareholders Services Department at 9, Mitropoleos, Athens (tel. +30 210 3739301, +30 210 3288737 & +30 210 3335039), during working days and hours.