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Piraeus Bank launched a new cashback card 2 %
15 December 2021

Piraeus Bank launched a new WINcard with a cashback of 2% of the monthly amount spent.

Thus, when customers pay for goods and services with a Piraeus Bank debit card, the amount of cashback is automatically credited to their cards on the first business day of each month.

The card can be opened fee-free at any branch of the bank. Also, the card replenishment and maintenance are fee-free, and customers can withdraw cash at more than 3,300 ATMs of the partner network. In addition, 5% of interest rate compounds annually on the balance of the savings account, allowing to save and at the same time have free access to the money.

Cashback is a bonus service for customers for paying for purchases with a Piraeus Bank debit card. Through the conditions of this service, the customers have an opportunity to earn on their expenses and pay for purchases through savings.

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