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Pireus Bank proposed a new attractive deposit "Interest Upfront"
05 May 2011

Dear clients! Pireus Bank offers you a new profitable deposit "Interest Upfront”!

Beginning from the 2nd of March 2009 every depositor who will put money for only 3 months will receive 20.20% per annum from the bank which is a member of powerful international Piraeus Bank Group! And even more – client will get interests upfront that is mean immediately at the day when he opens an account!

Now you can open a deposit in hryvnas for 3 months period in any out of 60 Piraeus Bank branches and enjoy five certain advantages:

  • Get interest upfront – interest is paid upfront at the day when you open a deposit account;
  • Get one of the biggest interest rate among other deposits of Pireus Bank – 20.20% per annum in hryvnas;;
  • Deposit is short-term – only for 3 months investor receives interest rate that another international banks offer for much longer deposit terms (1 year and more – make your own comparative analysis of interest rates on 3-month deposits – and make sure by yourself);
  • In the day you open a deposit account, you will get an Account “Free” without any charges. Interest on deposit “Interest Upfront” will be calculated on the Account “Free” – the account that gives you an opportunity to replenish and withdraw money every day and to get additional 15% per annum in hryvnas at the same time. If you leave your interest on this account you will get “interest on interest” and furthermore you can take your money whenever you want! At the end of term of deposit its amount will also be transferred on Account “Free”;
  • No restrictions for minimum amount of deposit – it can start from 1 hryvna, no charges!

Note. PIRAEUS BANK ICB is a part of international banking group Piraeus Bank Group. Piraeus Bank S.A. is one of the major banking institutions of Southern and Eastern Europe with assets of €54,890 mln (as of 31.12.2008).

Established in 1916, Piraeus Bank today has a regional network more than 900 branches and offices in Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Serbia, Cyprus, Russia as well as in the world financial centres of New York and London. The Group`s personnel are more than 14000 employees.

OJSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" is a legal successor of OJSC "International Commerce Bank". On 13th of September Piraeus Bank S.A. announced about completion of the process of acquisition of 99,6% of International Commerce Bank share capital. The bank name change into Piraeus Bank ICB was announced in the beginning of 2008.

The regional network of Piraeus Bank ICB covers 13 regions of Ukraine.

As of 01.01.2009 the net assets of the bank make 2,782 mln hryvnas, deposits of individuals make 310 mln hryvnas, credit and investment portfolio makes 2,352 mln hryvnas, financial result – 16.57 mln hryvnas.

PIRAEUS BANK ICB is a member of Association of Ukrainian banks and a participant of the Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals.

Press-service of Piraeus Bank in Ukraine
Andriy Sakhno
Тел./Факс: +38(044)495-8888