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Special Service from Piraeus Bank in Ukraine for Software Developers
20 June 2012

Piraeus Bank in Ukraine offers a special tariff package “For Programmers”. «Now legal entities and private entrepreneurs who are engaged in software development can deposit to current account for free, and also withdraw cash and sell currency at low rates”, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine head of small and medium business division Pavlo Grusha said.

Terms of customers’ service in the Tariff Package “For Programmers” from Piraeus Bank are among the most profitable in the market. Thus opening and closing the account is free, monthly fee for account maintenance is minimal – only UAH 35 for accounts in national and international currency. The Bank doesn’t take any fee for using the Tariff Package in the case of absence of transaction during the billing period. There is also minimal fee for performing operations with the help of remote electronic payments system Piraeus Online Banking.

Pavel Grusha, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine manager of SME division:

Pavel Grusha, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine manager of SME division: "Among the other advantages of the tariff package from Piraeus Bank are favorable conditions for transferring of funds in national currency from current account to the accounts of individuals in order to further withdrawals of funds, including those with the card"

"We have created a special product “For Programmers” according to their needs, - Pavlo Grusha says. - Among our clients there are lots of entrepreneurs who develop software under foreign contracts. By using this service package they will be able to convert the incoming foreign exchange revenues into hryvnya and use it for cashless transfers to the individuals’ current accounts for free cash withdrawals. Since the cost of these operations is very critical, we have offered some of the most favorable market conditions.”

For customers who choose this tariff package, the most important value is optimal cost of service, a set of all necessary services in one package, friendly and loyal tariffs, as well as operations’ quickness.

"As I have an opened account at Piraeus Bank as an individual and use the Internet banking system Winbank, this together with a special tariff package “For Programmers” allows me to avoid payments for the cash management services, as well as to save time on moving between the bank’s branch and the office”, - an entrepreneur Alexander Bilous said.

One can use the new service in all Bank branches. For more detailed information please call to Piraeus Bank Call Center 0 800 30 888 0 (24 hours, free from all fixed line phones within Ukraine)

Note. Piraeus Bank is one of the major banking institutions of Southern and Eastern Europe with assets of EUR 47,5 bln and own capital 3 bln euro (as of 31.03.2012). Established in 1916, Piraeus Bank today is presented in Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Egypt, Serbia, Cyprus as well as in the world financial centers of New York and London. Piraeus Bank S.A. leads Piraeus Bank Group, which consists of 10 banks and 21 companies covering the entire range of financial services.

In Ukraine Piraeus Bank is established since 2007. The Bank is a member of Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals (license #25).

Net assets of Piraeus Bank in Ukraine amount to UAH 3.5 bln, share capital to UAH 1.628, regulatory capital to UAH 837 mln as of 01.06.2012.

Piraeus Bank has the highest rating of deposits reliability provided by “Credit-Rating” Agency (grade “5”; last update took place on 29.05.2012), that shows the bank's capacity to make payments on existing deposits timely and in full. The Bank has «uaA» long-term credit rating with the forecast “stable” provided by “Credit-Rating” (updated on 22.12.2011). This long-term rating belongs to the group of investment ratings that is one of the highest ratings given to banks operating on the Ukrainian market.

The Bank is a member of Association of Ukrainian Banks, Forum of Leading International Financial institutions (FLIFI), Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals. The Bank is also included in the list of banks authorized by the Pension Fund of Ukraine to make payments of pensions and financial assistance.

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