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Piraeus Bank launched four new tariff packages for SME customers
07 May 2014

Piraeus Bank’s specialists worked out and launched four new tariff packages for SME customers and private entrepreneurs – "Maximum", "Universal", "Special" and "Basic" that suit specific needs of different types of businesses in terms of the formation of the Bank’s tariffs. In particular, the new tariff packages differ in number of provided transactions, types and the amount of cash payments.

"Basic" tariff package was worked out especially for small enterprises and private entrepreneurs that execute insignificant number of monthly transactions. Accordingly, the commission fee within the package "Basic" is set at minimum level, including fee for account opening (from UAH 60) and considerable part of operations is conducted free of charge, including 10 outgoing payments outside Piraeus Bank.

"Universal" tariff package is suitable for a middle business-active enterprise as well as companies that conduct foreign economic activity. Compared with "Basic", tariffs are substantially lower for providing outgoing payments in national currency (UAH 1,5 on electronic carrier) and in foreign currency (from 0,15% from amount). Also "Universal" is favorable for the operations of foreign currency purchase-sale (fee ranges from 0,2% depending on the sum of transaction).

"Maximum" package provides maximal number of the free-of charge operations, including up to 200 outgoing payments in national currency outside Piraeus Bank. For enterprises that carry on foreign economic activity, operations on purchase-sale and outgoing payments in foreign currency are charged at minimum level (from 0,1% from sum of transaction).

Thus, "Special" tariff is beneficial for clients that conduct a large number of operations with cash and deal with private individuals, as exactly these operations are tariffing in this package at minimum level compared to the other packages and vary from 0,3% to 0,6% depending on a sum.

Along with this, all new tariff packages provide free-of charge services:

  • activation and maintenance of Piraeus Online Banking;
  • electronic payments within Piraeus Bank;
  • account opening and maintenance in other currency;
  • incoming cash payments in national and foreign currency;
  • cash depositing in local currency.

To get acquainted with the full description of tariff packages, please, follow the link.

If you have any questions, please call Call Centre 0800308880.