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"Piraeus Bank increased interest rates on deposits starting from May 7, 2014" - Svetlana Cherkay, Board Member of Piraeus Bank
07 May 2014

According to the information from the Retail banking department of Piraeus Bank, starting from May 7, 2014 the Bank raised interest rates on deposits for individuals – "Standard", "Standard Online", "Pension" for 3 months in national currency and 3, 6 or 9 months in foreign currency, as well as "Take it higher" deposit for 3 months in national currency. Consequently, interest rates for the "Standard" deposit for 3 months in national currency up to 75 th. equal 19.5% annual, up to 350 th. – 19.75 % and more than 350 th. – 20 % annual. Interest rates in USD may range from 6.5% to 7.5% and in euro from 4.75 % to 6% annual, depending on the tenor and the deposit amount.

For deposits "Pension" or "Standard Online" rates for the respective amounts and tenors are increased by 0.5% in local currency and by 0.25% in euros and USD. The interest rate for the deposit "Take it higher" increases during the whole tenor up to 22% in local currency, 6% in USD and 5% in euro.

"Considering the trends in the financial sector of the country, we offer the increased rates on deposits for individual customers. Depending on the tenor and currency of deposit interest rates could reach 22% in local currency, 8% in USD and 6.5% in euro, and placing deposit online, you can get a bonus – 0.5% annual in local currency and 0.25% annual in foreign currency, "– commented Svetlana Cherkay, Board Member of Piraeus Bank.

To get acquainted with the rest deposit rates for private clients please follow the link.

Mrs Cherkay noted that Piraeus Bank’s Management Board previously pointed out that during the period of instability the European bank is the most reliable partner and Piraeus Bank always fulfills its obligations over customers, serving deposits and loans, according to the previously concluded contracts. To deposit funds in the stable bank is always safer and certainly more profitable then keeping them at home, taking into account the turbulence of the situation in the country’s economy.

Earlier, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine Press Office stated that "Credit Rating" agency confirmed the reliability level of deposits in Piraeus Bank in Ukraine.