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Information about changes to the tariffs for the card product for individuals "WinCard"
16 August 2023

Dear customers, we inform you that from 18.09.2023 Piraeus Bank introduces changes to the tariffs of the "WINCARD" card product. Now the existing customers of the Bank can apply for WinCard in the nearest branch of Piraeus Bank.

Name of operation / service Current Notes New Notes

Opening a current account and / or issuing a payment card, reissuing a payment card after the expiration date or at the initiative of the client

The account is opened exclusively for new clients of the bank, ie those who do not have accounts in the bank.

The first card for the first account in winbank is an On-line payment card (without a plastic card).

The commission is paid when opening an account and annually.

The tariff does not apply in case of re-issuance of the card by the bank's decision in accordance with internal regulations

The account is opened for new and existing customers of the bank, i.e. those who have or have had accounts with the bank.

When opening a card in the Winbank application, a virtual card is issued (without the physical card).

Opening of physical is available at any branch of Piraeus Bank. The commission for issuing a card is paid according to the tariffs for the WinCard product.

It is allowed to open only one WinCard product account in UAH currency per client.

Feel all the advantages of the updated WinCard with 2% cashback on any category! 
In case of additional questions, please contact the Piraeus Bank contact center - 0 800 30 888 0 (24/7, free call in Ukraine) or +38 044 4958890 for calls from abroad or using WEBCall on the website of Piraeus Bank.