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Piraeus Bank launches customer remuneration project
12 January 2022

Bring friends and get both UAH 400!

Piraeus Bank is launching a new system of rewarding customers in the amount of UAH 200 each in the form of certificates. Under the terms, Piraeus Bank randomly selects the lucky ones who will receive a text message with a unique link. Next, you need to send the received invitation message to a friend, acquaintance in Viber or in any other convenient way.

Immediately after the card is issued to a friend, a reward of UAH 200 will be charged to each that can be spent in the partner stores of the program.

The more friends you invite, the more rewards you will receive!

Current list of partners on 12.01.2022 on which the award is distributed: omond, Comfy, Epicentre, EVA, Fora, Foxtrot, Jysk, MakeUP, Novus, Watsons, WogCafé, Yakaboo, Antoshka, Toy House, Silpo