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The most advanced 3D Secure technology offering the maximum security of online card transactions adds another step of authenticating the holder of a Piraeus Bank card before processing online transactions.

3D Secure is automatically activated / deactivated on the next business day after activation/deactivation of sms notification service.

Advantages of 3D Secure:

  • guaranteed security: payments are confirmed by a one-time password known only to the cardholder, which can be used within 10 minutes for one transaction only. The cardholder has three attempts to enter the password. If necessary, a new one-time password may be requested;
  • simplicity: no separate activation required, as it becomes automatically available upon activation of sms notification service;you do not need to call to the Contact Center to receive a password to confirm the transaction for online purchases*
  • convenience: no need to memorize the password, because a one-time password will be sent to you every time you make an online transaction.

How 3D Secure works?

  • Select a product or service you want to buy, and go to “Payment” section;
  • make sure that “Payment” section contains Verified by Visa logo, and enter your card details**;
  • the online store will connect you to the bank, and Verified by Visa page will open;
  • within 10 minutes, you will receive an sms with a one-time password from Piraeus Bank;
  • make sure that all information is correct, and enter your one-time password;
  • confirm your payment; you will receive an sms confirming successful transaction.

* If your card is not connected to 3D Secure, but the website on which you are paying supports 3D Secure technology (today it is the most of Internet sites), then for each payment transaction, you will need to call to the Bank’s Contact Center and receive password from the operator after passing the identification.

** If your card is connected to 3D Secure but the website you use does not support the 3D Secure technology, your transaction will be processed according to standard procedure (without entering a one-time password).

To check whether your connection is secure, look at the website’s URL address: the address of a secure website begins with “https://”, and of an insecure website with “http://”.

Piraeus Bank cares about your security, and recommends making online purchases only on credible websites with secure connection.

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