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Customers’ identification

Dear customers,

Please note that in accordance with the requirements of Art. Art. 8, 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention and Counteraction to Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction" ¹ 361-IX of December 6, 2019. (hereinafter - the Law) The Bank, as a subject of primary financial monitoring, is obliged to carry out, carry out a proper inspection of new customers, as well as existing customers (customer representatives).

Proper verification - measures including:

  • Identification * and verification ** of the client (his representative);
  • identification of the ultimate beneficial owner of the client or its absence, including obtaining the ownership structure in order to understand it, and data that allow to identify the ultimate beneficial owner, and taking measures to verify his identity (if any);
  • establishing (understanding) the purpose and nature of future business relationships or conducting a financial transaction;
  • conducting on a regular basis monitoring of business relations and financial transactions of the client, carried out in the process of such relations, on the compliance of such financial transactions with the subject of primary financial monitoring information about the client, its activities and risks (including, if necessary, about source of funds related to financial transactions);
  • ensuring the relevance of received and existing documents, data and information about the client;

Customer Identification and verification are carried out before establishing a business relationship, making transactions, conducting a financial transaction, opening an account.

The Bank is obliged to update *** customer data in the process of customer service. The frequency of clarification of information depends on the type of activity and type of financial transactions performed by the client, and is conducted by the Bank on a periodic basis. In addition, the mandatory updating of identification data is carried out in the case of:

  • changes in the ultimate beneficial owner(s) [controller(s)] of the customer which is a legal entity, or detection of any discrepancies by the Bank with regard to the information about the ultimate beneficial owner(s) [controller(s)];
  • changes in the location of the customer which is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur;
  • amendments to constituent documents;
  • expiration (termination), invalidation of or declaring null and void the submitted documents (including in case of pasting a new photo in the customer's passport upon reaching the age of 25 or 45 or expiration of the ID card);

In addition, be sure to notify the Bank of the following:

  • any change with regard to persons entitled to manage accounts and any change in their identification data;
  • any change in the place of residence or place of stay or place of temporary stay in Ukraine of a customer which is an individual (the customer's representative);
  • acquisition or loss by a customer (customer's representative) of the status of a politically exposed persons (in Ukrainian), person close to or related to a politically exposed person). 

In this regard, if there are any of the above mentioned reasons or the Bank's notification regarding the need to update identification information, we ask you to find an opportunity and provide the Bank with a completed questionnaire and relevant supporting documents. A questionnaire and relevant supporting documents (except for the passport and certificate of assignment of the taxpayer’s record card registration number) may be sent to the Bank through the Piraeus Online Banking remote servicing system.

Questionnaire for the client - legal entity (non-resident) (pdf file, in Ukrainian. 381 KB)

Questionnaire for the client - legal entity (resident) - representative of the non-resident legal entity (pdf file, in Ukrainian. 442KB)

Annex 29. Form for clarification of CFC information

In the Bank does not receive a completed questionnaire and / or relevant supporting documents from the client, which will indicate the failure to identify or update information about the client, the Bank will be forced, in accordance with the requirements of Art. Art. 15 of the Law, as well as Art. 64 of the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking" N 2121-III of December 7, 2000 (as amended), to suspend further financial transactions on the client's accounts, including refuse to maintain business relations (including by terminating business relations).

We kindly hope for your understanding and effective cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Piraeus Bank call-center in Ukraine at 0 800 30 888 0 (calls within Ukraine are free of charge) or the Bank's servicing department.

* Identification - measures taken by the bank to identify a person by obtaining his identification data;
** Verification - measures taken by the bank to verify (confirm) the identity of the relevant person received by the subject of primary financial monitoring identification data and / or to confirm the data that allow to identify the ultimate beneficial owners or their absence;
*** Updating customer information - updating customer data, including identification data, by obtaining documentary evidence of the presence (absence) of changes in them.

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