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Terms of service sms informing

Service of sms informing on accounts of legal entities/private entrepreneurs/nonresidents (except for current account with card)

If you have an account with Piraeus Bank and you want to receive instant information about:

  • Considerable proceedings from your partners;
  • proceedings for the salary payment or other important payments;
  • Operations on the accounts of the company owned by you but without day-to-day operation management from your side;
  • Proceedings from a deposit account upon finishing of the deposit agreement;
  • Information of the used funds within the overdraft limit;

Piraeus Bank propose you to connect to the sms informing service which allows;

  1. To receive information on the following accounts:

    • Current account in all currencies open with the Bank (except for a current account with a card);
    • Account 2603 in foreign currency: comfortable for you if you expect export proceedings;
    • Account 2604 – special accounts;
    • Account 2620 of a private independent professional;
  2. To receive information about every transaction in the following form: 15.09 17:46 Zarahuvanya 100000 UAH vid AT "CHORUS" m.Kyiv. Pax 26027031000064 Zalushok:113984.00 UAH 15.09 18:01 Pererah 15.15 UAH na UDK u Dniprov r-ni u m.Kyievi. Pax 26027031000064 Zalushok:113783.85 UAH
  3. On the daily basis (except holidays) to receive information about account balance as of any time within a day. You can choose the time comfortable for you!
  4. To choose a type of operations for informing: incoming and outgoing or incoming or outgoing payments.
  5. To choose an option to change a minimum payment amount beneath which you don’t get sms: you do not need to postpone on small amounts.
  6. To connect up to 5 officers / phone numbers owners;

The tariff for the service depends on the quantity of connected phone numbers regardless of the amount of accounts and sms:

Tariff name
Amount, UAH
Informing about operations on Client’s accounts to the phone numbers determined by Client (up to 5 numbers) for each settlement period and each phone number 20,00
Informing about account balances on Client’s account as of time within a day on the Client’s choice to the phone numbers determined by Client (up to 5 numbers) for each settlement period and each phone number

To connect to the service you need:

  1. To come to your branch of the Bank and in a comfortable for your way to inform a phone number, accounts numbers, operations type, type of informing and other information required for the service.
  2. To receive a filled in application for connection to the service and to sign it by use of Piraeus Online Banking, to send in to the Bank or, if it’s comfortable for you, to present it personally to the Bank.
  3. To verify the phone number by a test sms sent by Bank.
  4. Start using the service!

If you have any question please call to your branch of the Bank of call 0 800 30 888 0

The detail information is here.

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